Spend your chances wisely

I was on the bus on the way home and I was tired. I was scrolling through Instagram on my phone when I saw the sunset out of the corner of my eye, just as the bus turned a corner. The sunset was blocked from view by a building. Sad that I’d missed it, I looked back at my phone. A moment later, the bus turned another corner and I got to see the sunrise after all. It was beautiful.

Sometimes, life does give you second chances. Sometimes you have to find them for yourself. But however your second chance comes, make sure to make full use of it. It could be your last chance.

Maria x

Remember to enjoy the flowers

I was walking home from a meeting the other day, in the rain, and at first it felt shitty. My feet were getting wet, it was windy and cold. But then I walked past a beautiful, flowering magnolia tree.

And I stopped to look at it. And I photographed it. And I put my umbrella down and enjoyed the rain on my face.

And it made my day so much better.

So, today, remember to stop and enjoy something that you enjoy – whether it be flowers, an old birthday card or something completely different.

Maria x